The Value of Ms. Holliday's Virtual Tutoring Center

My mission:

The mission of my tutoring center is to provide a virtual educational space where children can receive extra support with their educational needs. Remote learning has become the new norm and it can be hectic. My virtual tutoring center provides many services that include homework help, test preparation, mentoring, behavioral support and 1:1 live sessions. All children deserve an opportunity to receive the best educational support to help them succeed in life.

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Who is Dawn Holliday?

Hello students and parents, my name is Dawn Holliday. I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. My dedication to helping children has been a passion for me since I was a little girl. My mom, dad, brother and sister have always appreciated the caring gesture I had towards helping others. Their support has kept me motivated to strive towards my dreams and goals throughout the years.  

My journey to teach started when I was a teenager. I started out working as a Group leader for summer youth. I knew that I wanted to expand my experiences as a leader, mentor and teacher, so I decided to further my career. 

In 2010, I started my degree for my BA in Psychology at the College of New Rochelle. During my BA program my dad passed away which was a turning point in my life, however I kept striving. My dad always told me "never start something and do not finish it". I knew that I had a gift that was so special, I needed to share it with the world. Shortly after completing this degree I started working as a Teacher's Assistant with the NYC Department of Education. While working in this position I realized many children need extra support for them to gain a successful education to succeed in life. In 2017, I started my Masters Degree in Special Education at Grand Canyon University. In 2019, I completed this program with a 4.0 grade average. I decided not to stop there and started working as an ABA therapist (Applied Behavioral Analysis) part-time. Behavior is a big part on how a child focuses on their education. I wanted to create a platform that provides all these services. 

Ms. Holliday's Virtual Tutoring Center has been created out of love and passion. With the world taking a huge turn and the new norm being remote learning, I've created a space for children to get extra educational support. My overall goal is to take stress away from parents by providing extensive educational support for their children in grades Kindergarten to 8th grade. 


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